Justice denied for Kenneth Gladney: SEIU Purple People Beaters get off scot-free

Or as The Other McCain put it: They Told Me If I Voted For McCain, Minorities Would Be Thrashed And Denied Justice, And They Were Right!

Despite there being video evidence of Kenneth Gladney being beaten viciously by SEIU goons, and the fact that they admitted to beating him up in open court, a jury took only 40 minutes to declare them Not Guilty.

I am beyond disgusted by this. If the political affiliations were reversed, there would be riots in the street and the national media would be setting up camp there.

Gateway Pundit has the whole story, including an interview with Kenneth Gladney, who said afterwards: “I couldn’t beat them; I didn’t have the resources they had. They had all the money in the world and the backing… I’m just an average man.”

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