Meghan McCain blows off Pennsylvania college to party in Las Vegas

Meghan McCain has learned the hard way that tweets in Las Vegas don’t stay in Las Vegas:

Students at Juniata College got a lesson in dirty, sexy changes in plans.

Best-selling author Meghan McCain canceled her lecture there Friday “for several unforeseen professional responsibilities,” according to her publicist. Instead, the author of “Dirty Sexy Politics,” who is the daughter of Sen. John McCain, partied with her posse in Las Vegas.

“First real time off in months,” she tweeted on Twitter. “Was gonna rest up for phase two of my “Dirty Sexy Politics” book tour but headed to sin city with my favorite crew of sinners instead … Viva Las Vegas, baby.”

Needless to say, this didn’t go over too well with the students of Juniata College:

“Overall, the students are very upset that this happened — kind of like we weren’t good enough for her,” said student body President Travis Raup, 21, a senior from Danville in Montour County.

“I feel like we deserve an apology and a better explanation,” Raup said. “The situation would be different if the Twitter posts weren’t so revealing of her real intentions.”

Zach Gordon, 21, a senior from Wilmington, Del., is president of the College Democrats. Some members had planned to attend her talk.

“I understand things come up,” he said, “but a surprise trip to Las Vegas doesn’t sit with me as an adequate reason for ditching your obligation to a commitment.”

No better explanation seems to be forthcoming:

McCain’s agent, Kenny Rahtz, hung up when reached for a comment.

This seems par for the course for the spoiled brat that calls herself Meghan McCain. Why go speak at a small college in Pennsylvania when you can party in Las Vegas instead? If it hadn’t been for Twitter and her own foolishness, she might have gotten away with it.

Important safety tip: tweets in Las Vegas don’t stay in Las Vegas.