Send Dick Cheney a postcard

For those of you that hadn’t heard, former VP Dick Cheney is in the hospital after having another mild heart attack.

My idea expressed in the subject is stolen directly from HillBuzz, so I’ll quote them here:

It would be great if you sent Dick Cheney a postcard today, wishing him a speedy recovery, and thanking him for standing up for America and speaking out so much. We’re sure he’d appreciate it. And we know it’s going to surprise him if he ever sees our cards, coming as they are from a bunch of gay guys in Chicago who love and respect this man, whom we’ve only recently come to appreciate.

This country owes Cheney a lot for his service, so while he’s dealing with his latest heart-related ailment, we think he’d get a kick out of it if his staff told him postcards from around the country were pouring in wishing him well.

Really blow his mind and tell him Hillary supporters in Boystown told you to write to him. We think that would make him smile, and after all he’s gone through, he sure could use some smiles.

Oh, and tell him his daughter Liz needs to run for President in 2020 or 2024. Tell him it’s his job now to get her ready to be our second or third female president.

Here’s the address we found for him:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney

4205 West Greens Pl. Wilson WY 83014

I’d ask to see if anyone knew the address of the hospital he’s staying at, but from the article it sounds like he’s going to be released in a day or two anyways.

Thanks for keeping us safe, Dick Cheney, and best wishes.