Finrod's 2009 NCAA tournament bracket and Open Thread

Normally I’d paste in my standard flat-ASCII NCAA tournament bracket here, but the new site format makes that impossible. While using (tt)(pre) works other places, apparently the way things are set up here, (pre) cancels out the monospace font that I need that (tt) gives me, and I haven’t been able to find any other combination of tags that both give me the monospace font I need and doesn’t eat up all the spaces I use to format it properly. So, if you want to see my (very nice, if I don’t say so myself) flat-ASCII 2009 NCAA men’s basketball tournament bracket, you’ll have to look at it on my livejournal where I’ve posted it with its proper format.

Oh, and please consider this an Open Thread for any and all things related to the NCAA tournament, including your tournament bracket picks.