President Bush, please declare victory in Iraq before leaving office

You’ve put in a long eight years, President Bush. But you need to give one more speech before you leave office, and that’s to declare victory in Iraq.

Sure, technically there’s still work there to be done. And sure, we still have over 100,000 troops there. But you know what? Iraq is standing on its feet now, and it’s high time that we acknowledge that. Sure, us political geeks may know that as of Jan. 1, Iraq not only has taken over security for the International Zone in downtown Baghdad, but also has complete authority over its own citizens; US troops can no longer detain Iraqis without cause.

But does anyone else know that?

Heck, a majority of Obama supporters in the presidential election still thought Republicans controlled Congress; they sure as shooting aren’t going to be aware that Iraq has come a long way since 2006. You can bet that the media isn’t going to tell them that, either, unless they can somehow spin it that Obama has made Iraq all chocolate and roses, as opposed to that evil Bush that couldn’t do anything right.

No, you need to take a page from the late Ronald Reagan and take this straight to the American people. Tell them about what’s happened in Iraq as a result of the surge, and how the Iraqi government is now in full control of its people and its borders– a government that’s only there because of the incredibly hard work and sacrifice of the American military. The people need to hear this, and they deserve to hear it from the leader that asked for patience from them in a long hard time of war. You, and only you, can give this message.