Chicago: Where services are only available on union hours, but you have to pay 24/7

The city of Chicago is pushing through two changes: first, side streets will now only be plowed during union working hours, which apparently are weekdays 7am-3pm (hat tip: Neal Boortz, via americanthinker.com):

CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Richard M. Daley said Tuesday that city crews will cut back on plowing side streets this winter in an effort to save money. The mayor said the city will only plow side streets during weekday union business hours this winter, rather than during overtime hours.

The other change? City parking meters are being outsourced and will have their rates double or more over the next 5 years, plus the meters will have to be fed 24/7 (hat tip: my wonderful girlfriend):

Motorists will pay $6.50 an hour by 2013 to feed downtown parking meters — more than double the current rate — and neighborhood parkers will see an eight-fold increase under a $1.15 billion privatization plan that raised eyebrows in the City Council.

In addition to the possibility of “congestion pricing,” the deal calls for meter rates in the Loop to rise to $3.50 an hour in 2009; $4.25 in 2010; $5 in 2011; $5.75 in 2012, and $6.50 in 2013. Central business district rates outside the Loop would go from $1 an hour to $2 in 2009; $2.50 in 2010; $3 in 2011; $3.50 in 2012, and $4 in 2013. Rates would be cut in half between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m., but meters would have to be fed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Need I add that the city of Chicago is pretty much owned by the Democratic Party? Personally, I’m rooting for blizzards to hit Chicago every Friday afternoon all winter long. Imagine someone getting a ticket because their car was snowed in next to a parking meter all weekend long and they couldn’t move it because the street hadn’t been plowed the whole time.