**Regarding “Costly Bailout Vote”

Stop with “enough blame to go around” Blame goes entirely to Democrats.Democrat Laura Richardson representative of the 37th Dist. got fraudulent loans for 3 houses, sucked money out to run for Congress, lost at least one of the homes to foreclosure, then voted yes to bailout the lenders she helped go under.

Democrat Maxine Waters Representative 35th Dist. At the 2004 hearings where regulators are trying to stop fraud, states; “because of the” outstanding leadership of Franklin Raines” “we were frankly trying to fix something that wasn’t broke” “We do not have a crises” [Democrat Raines would barely avoid prosecution for fraud is also an advisor for Obama]. Waters voted YesDemocrat Congressman Barney Frank (“who admitted he had an affair with a male prostitute) in the NY Times 2003 states ”These two entities — Fannie and Freddie are not facing any kind of financial crisis,” He also inserted slush fund language in the bill giving ACORN millions of dollars. ACORN is a group whose leaders have been convicted of voter fraud. Except for congress no other organization seeded this crisis. Frank Voted Yes Democrat Jimmy Carter with his 1977 Community Reinvestment Act which twisted the arm of lenders to make unsound loans to unqualified borrowers like L. Richardson. The CRA was set up to punish banks that did not go along with these sub prime loans. Democrat BH Obama former ACORN lawyer along with W. Ayers the non repentant terrorist helped ACORN get funding from the Woods foundation for its activist agenda. In 1991 ACORN employed its tactics by taking over the House Banking Committee room for two days to protest efforts to scale back the CRA.

This great country has weathered financial crisis in the past. It would have weathered this one if congress would have stayed out of it. I intend to remember those that voted for this in the ballot box.

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