Bob is Best(ani)

While it’s difficult for most people to trust government these days, now is not the time to give up. Yes, many people feel that it makes no sense to vote anymore because the results don’t seem to matter much. Whether we have voted for a Democrat or a Republican, government continues to grow too large and costs so much that we’ve placed a financial burden on our children’s children with no apparent end in site. The madness must stop and we must be the generation of people to stop it. The question is, will you simply vote for the most popular candidate expecting different results or will you take the time to understand who the real best choice is?

There are serious problems facing the next U.S. representative from the first congressional district of New Hampshire; healthcare, the economy, jobs and energy sustainability to name a few. Ask yourself, do I want the most popular person trying to help solve these problems or do I want the most qualified person working to help make my life better? With the most popular person, you get, well, the most popular person that might do a good job. By taking the time to find out who has the skills, experience and understanding of the problems, we get the person who begins to make an immediate difference who won’t be manipulated by the power brokers in Washington D.C.

Bob Bestani offers a lifetime of real world success in finance grounded in limited government, fiscal responsibility and traditional values that have been cast aside by today’s elected leaders. I believe Bob to be the kind of leader that will help restore our trust in government. He will work to revitalize the economy and create jobs, restore a balanced budget and ensure our security both at home and abroad.

Because this is no time to give up, please vote for the person most able to help get our country get back on track. Bob Bestani is the best choice for the people in the first congressional district of Hew Hampshire because it matters.