Take America Back!

I figured I use my day off today to catch up on some campaign donations I’d put off the past few weeks.  As a resident of New York, the majority of my political contributions are directed to candidates who are running in far off lands.  Though I pray my city and state come back from the brink, the truth is our politicians here are saying and doing nothing that gives me any serious hope for the future.  And Buffalo, let me tell you something, if you give this Mayor one more term you’re all finished.

Anyway, in reading Senator DeMint’s comments regarding the big victory in Alaska, it prompted me to head over to the Senate Conservatives Fund website, and boy am I glad I did.  I could not have been happier to see the screen that came up.  Wow! Was I ever impressed! Aside from the fact that I’m a numbers guy, the layout and design is an absolute home run. To see every candidate front and center with percentages assigned to each of their contribution goals has to make this one of the most effective fund raising websites around.  Not to take anything away from the Republican Governors Association site; it’s incredibly cool.  But I guarantee once you hit up this site you’ll be returning nearly ever day to see the progress these great candidates are making.  From a financial standpoint, I’d have to imagine this is as close to optimal a means to keep every Senate race as competitive as possible.  It’s really a stroke of genius.  My hats off to its creators.

WAR Jim DeMint! WAR Ken Cuccinelli! WAR The Federalist Society! And WAR all my brothers and sisters here at RedState!

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