The Problem With Education Spending Explained

There is lots of talk about what needs to be done to fix education.  The big push is that we need to spend more.  I do not totally disagree, nor do I totally agree.  The bigger problem right now is not how much we spend but how we spend it.  To me it is like a trip to the grocery store.
Lets say you are on the way home from work when your spouse calls.  They need you to stop by the store on the way and pick up toilet paper and light bulbs.  You have got $20 on you, so it will be no problem.  As you pull in to the store you realize you forgot to ask what type of bulbs are needed, but figure it is OK because you have enough to get both regular 100 watt and 3 way bulbs.  When you get there, you grab a cart and head in.  On your way to the TP and light bulbs, you pass the beer aisle.  Mmmmmmm…. Beer.  You turn down there first, like we said there is plenty of money so we can splurge.  You see a 12 pack of Federal Beer for 12 dollars.  It is a nice premium beer with a fancy package and great advertising.  No problem, you still have plenty left for what you need so you grab a case.  As you turn out of that row, you see chips.  You can’t have beer with no snacks, so you turn again.  You see a display of State Pretzels.  They are more expensive than other brands, but go perfect with beer.  They are also in a nice fancy package.  You grab a bad for $4.  You are almost to your destination when you see an end cap of Local Donuts.  You know after a night of pounding pack beer and pretzels you are going to need something for breakfast.  These things like Krispy Kreme too, so you can’t pass them up and grab a box for $3.  Finally you are where you need to be, light and TP.  Light bulbs are $4 per pack for the 3-ways and $3 for 100 watt.  With only $3 left you don’t have money for both, plus you still need that darn TP.  You see that $60 watts are only $2, so you pick that up instead.  Light is light, who cares how bright it turns out to be.  You turn around to the toilet paper.  You need at least a 4 pack, and would love something nice and fluffy.  Nice paper is at least $5.  Even if you buy the stuff that is like sandpaper it is $3 for a 4 pack.  All you have left is $1.  You grab the single roll of single ply sandpaper-like product.  Again, it does the job even if it is not very good.  You will buy something better next time.  Now you could go and put back some of that other stuff, but by now you have time invested and have convinced yourself that all the rest is just as important as what you originally came in for. 
That is the problem in a nutshell.  The purpose of the spending is education, the light bulbs and toilet paper.  We waste a lot of the money that should be paying for teachers, class rooms, books and other materials is wasted as it trickles down from Federal to State to Local Education boards.  We have teachers in trailers, or what they call portable classrooms.  The people in Washington, state capitals and county headquarters are not in trailers.  They are in beautiful buildings with huge staffs to push paperwork and discuss why the children are not learning.  We do not need more money, so much as we need to spend it on what it is intended for.