Is Democrat Maverick an Oxymoron

Who here misses the use of the word “Maverick?”  I know I never thought that I would long for the day where I heard it on the news again.  That was before Democrats had control of Congress and the White House.  Now, I would be happy hear about a Democrat Maverick.  At this point, I would be happy to hear of a Democrat having an independent thought. 

Say what you will, but Republicans still have people out there bucking the party.  There may be times with things like the Stimulus that it is upsetting, but Republicans do it.  Three Senators bucked and voted for the Stimulus because they felt the money their constituents would get outweighed the overall negatives of the bill.  Many Republican Governors have stepped up and even supported the bill seeing it as a way to help their states with their current financial problems.  Their argument is that their loyalty is to the people that put them in office before their party.  I think the decision in supporting this terrible piece of legislation is short sighted, but they did what they felt was best.

Right now the Democrats are on a blind spree of voting for whatever comes down the pipe from their “leadership.”  We need to pass TARP to fix the banks.  OK.  We need to pass the Stimulus to fix the economy.  OK.  We need to tax employers to create jobs.  Ummmm… OK.  We need to force unions down employer’s throats by removing private ballots and providing the threat of Department of Labor intervention to punish employers that do not tow the line.  This retribution against employer will increase jobs.  OK.  We need to increase our energy independence by not supplementing current fossil fuel sources.  OK.  Pass an omnibus bill that is mostly either redundant of Stimulus Spending or pork.  OK.  We need to take away one of our most valuable rights and censor the media, but only the parts that we do not like.  OK.  We need to invest in valuable scientific research to make it rain candy.  OK.  ( Sure that last one sounds silly, but PROVE that it is not in one of these 1,000 page spending bill.  I dare you. )

When will some of the Democratic “leaders” start to step out of their goose stepping line and oppose something?  Republicans were divided among many issues from spending to how we handled the war over the last 8 years.  Where are the independent Mavericks on the Democrat side?  To me the answer is simple.  There are none.  Much of the shift in power has come from candidates running against the things people did not like about the Bush Administration.  Now they have power and no real platform other than opposing Bush.  That is why you still hear so many people pinning every bad law they pass on the Bush Administration.  They have nothing else to stand on.  Now it is just a clueless run on power and spending. 

The only positive is that if this continues there is a good chance of a big swing back in 2010.  Conservatives need to focus now on preparing for that goal.