2010 and Beyond - When To Get Ready For Mid-Terms

There is already talk of the Presidential election in 2012.  I have seen PACs formed for Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney advertised on various websites.  I felt the last election was just a tiny bit long at two years of constant campaigning, four will really be a bit overboard.  More importantly, we have 2010 to worry about.  If there is anything vital to the survival of Conservative politics and the health of our country it will be the 2010 mid-term elections.  I sincerely believe that that party needs to start looking at locations for battlegrounds to take seats away from Democrats now and begin selecting and grooming potential candidates.  Here are my top reasons why the political landscape will be ripe for change.



As James Carville once said “It is the economy stupid.”  Current optimistic projections say that the economy will continue to slide a while longer and finally skid to a stop at the bottom next year.  Once we hit bottom I do not see any of this administrations plans brining us screaming back out of the valley.  I see it far more likely that by the mid-term election we will be still sitting in an economic ditch.  As long as current Republicans show they have been working against the bad decisions they can hold their seats.  A new generation of Reagan Conservative Republicans can then swing in to bring about change and recovery.



Many people in the middle voted to get us out of Iraq.  People were tired of the war, and still are.  John McCain was honest about it taking time to get out, and it cost him.  Now President Obama essentially is saying the things that lost McCain the election.  We will still be in Iraq and Afghanistan in force come the next election.  That is a big promise to have broken for some people.



The only leadership principle I have seen so far is blaming current problems on the last administrations leadership.  The current Administration was elected despite their total inexperience and lack of leadership background, and it shows.  A fresh batch of new faces with a clear set of goals and objectives like the Contract For America will be able to show the kind of leadership people will be craving.  I have been repeating over and over and over here my own desire for the GOP to establish a new list of Principles and Objectives for the future.


New Conservatives Will Not Have Baggage

To be honest, the Republican Party has had our hats handed to us the past few elections.  I do not believe that this has been a mandate against Conservatism, but rather against a lack there of.  During the Bush years many Republicans took up the spending and government expansion habits of Democrats.  I believe that the party paid the price for this reckless abandonment of its core values.  New candidatse will not have the baggage of past mistakes and can hang their hats on their desire for change.


I know where I am in South Florida the two Democrat congress people are underwhelming.  I do not think I have heard a comment our of my congresspersons mouth that does not involve “For the past 8 years.”  To make it happen, I believe that the party needs to get a running start now to be ready to make gains again soon.  Perhaps the blogs are a starting place to find the kind of charismatic, energized leaders needed …. I’m just sayin’.