Pretty Please, Rush

The media is pushing another Rush feud this week.  Once again they are trying to draw a fight between Rush and Newt, and Rush is taking the bait.  If I could speak with Rush personally I would ask that he remember the words of Ronald Reagan when he said “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” 


The recent comments made by Newt should not have really caused any problems taken in their context.  Newt basically said that it is irrational to hope for the failure of President Obama because it will mean a failure for America.  He then acknowledged that there are a lot of policy issues that he does not hope succeed.  That is basically what Rush has said.  He would love the President to succeed if he pursues the right agenda, but hopes he fails at what it appears he is actually going to try to do.  The media is trying to turn it into a division issue in the conservative movement, where there really is none.  Sadly, Rush is responding to the Drive by Media bashing what is actually being said. 


We have to turn it back onto the media and Democrats.  A better response would have been to say “I would love President Obama to succeed if he would actually try to do the right thing, that just does not seem likely.  I want his bad policy attempts to fail and be replaced by strong and effective policies by the Republicans.”  Every attack on any Conservative leader needs to be turned back on the attackers.  If Canada was to invade North Dakota so that they could push down and take over South Dakota as their ultimate goal, who would we fight?  We would fight those wacky Canadians!  What we are doing now would be like attacking South Dakota because it is their fault the Canadians are attacking North Dakota. 


We have to take a stand and make a unified front.  If we let the media turn us against each other, two years will fly by and we will be totally unprepared for the mid-term.  Have a bad mid-term and we can kiss 2012 good bye.


So pretty please Rush, do not fall for the baiting.  Lets focus on the Drive Bys and the Democrats