Giethner’s Staffing Dilemma Explained

If anybody knows Tim Giethner, feel free to send him a copy of this.  In one of the flashes of Jeffersonian brilliance, I think I have it figured out why he is having a hard time staffing up Treasury.


We all agree that the economy is in dire straits right now.  Just stabilizing the problem, more or less turning it around, is going to take a herculean effort.  To accomplish this we need a group of near geniuses.  We need people with a strong grasp on the problems that we have allowed into our free market system, and how to manipulate the market to fix them.  We need people from the private sector, but those from the public sector with a strong background in the issues before us are also great.  We need men and women with a firm grasp on the principles of a free market democratic system.  So we all agree that this would describe what we need?  If you do, that is why Giethner can not find anybody to join him.


Why would a strong believer in the strength of our free market system want to step into this group?  This week Geithner lashed out at the Petroleum industry and indicated he think we need to tax the living crap out of them.  Punishing success while propping up failure is not free market anything.  How do you build a successful system based on punishing success?  How can somebody who wants to see industry flourish join a government what wants to nationalize and centralize everything?  Then look at the push to nationalize healthcare.  Look at tax plans that start by punishing even the moderately successful ( $250k does not make you Donald Trump, just good at what you do ).  Listen to the talk of taking control of banks and stepping up control of the auto industry.


There is the problem.  Administrations come and go.  While many of us hope the Administration does not succeed at some of their goals ( I won’t say fail because I don’t want Gibbs to make fun of me next ), we also know that if they do it can be undone.  Anybody with a great background and strong career knows this.  Once you go over to perform these ruinous acts, you will be branded as one of the people who committed these damaging moved long after this administration is relegated to history.  Decades building a career based on industry and economics will be flushed down the toilet.  If you join this administration, you will deserve the punishment for betraying the principles that built this nation.   That is why we can not get anybody qualified to join this team.