Too Big to Fail - Why the Rush Ploy is Failing For Democrats

It appears from stories that the Democrat focus on Rush Limbaugh was a very carefully planned strategy.  With no one person to demonize as they had George W. Bush, they needed somebody on the right to single out and attack.  It looks like this strategy is just as bad of a move as TARP, the Stimulus, and everything else coming out of the White House.  Here in a nutshell is what happened and why.





The left hates Rush.  I mean HATE him.  Red faces screaming H-A-T-E him.  Luckily for Rush he seems to revel in their hate and childlike tantrums.  The left assumed if they pushed Rush to the forefront everybody else would see him as a big meanie and he would make an easy target.  Everybody would hate him, and hate the GOP by connection.  The story seemed to get going like they wanted at first.  Their lap dogs in the media cut the sound bite about his wanting Obamas march to socialism to fail down to “I want Obama to fail.”  Then this weekend Rush spoke at CPAC and explained for a live audience what he meant by “I hope he fails” beyond the carefully placed sound bites and quotes.  They tried to spin it the same way, but now more people heard what he actually said and meant.  Next the White House slipped up by trying to push the same old sound bite on the Sunday shows. After that things started to spiral out of control.  The media were good lap dogs following the story, but that is the problem.  Love him or hate him Rush draws a LOT of attention.  In this case TOO much attention.  Suddenly everybody was talking about it everywhere.  The White House was forced to acknowledge it too much.  The more they talked about it, the more it legitimized Rush and sent him listeners from both sides of the political fence.  Rush, not being a weak kneed politico, fought back.  He challenged the President to a debate.  They lost control for one simple reason, Rush is “too big to fail,” just like the banks.


Rush is really the man who started the conservative talk radio medium as it exists today.  Everybody has heard him at some point.   He is the most established, with the largest market.  The left has had an on and off fascination with him for decades which has even given him more credibility.  Because he is so well known, making him an underdog to the powerful administration made this blow up.  I know the draw this story has from my own limited experience.  This week I have put out a story or two on this on my humble blog.  Everyday this week my web traffic has been two to three times the usual amount.  I have had my three most active days with these stories.  What works for me works for the mainstream media.  Too many people got interested.  It was impossible to the Democrats to control the whirlwind once it got going.

 At this point I can only think of one thing for the Democrats to do.  Sit down, shut up, and wait for the storm you created to pass. 


In case you are wondering…. Yes part of the reason I put up this blog is to draw more views as well.  I am a whore for the page views.