Politics of Personal Destruction Hitting New Level

I could have SWORN that Candidate Obama preached against the politics of personal destruction during the long and tedious campaign season.  That is what has me so confused now.  It appears that personal destruction is no longer limited to members of the political arena, as long as you are a convenient target.


Despite attempts to say otherwise Rush Limbaugh is not a politician, elected official or political leader.  He is a private citizen, albeit a celebrity.  He is a commentator and opinion leader to be sure, but he does not set policy.  So why the need for the Obama Administration to attack him, repeatedly?  By all accounts, it was simply to have somebody to attack and make a centerpiece while they pushed through their agenda.  They do not want to fight it out over the details of their plan.  They want it to be personal.  So let’s chalk that up to another campaign lie.  Welcome back to the politics of personal destruction. 


There is something that makes this more disturbing, for me anyway.  This time they have chosen to go after a non-politicians.  When you choose a career in elected office it are throwing your hat into the ring for this sort of thing.  People who happen to have opinions do not expect their government to attack them.  Rush seems to be the biggest target.  He is getting the bulk of their attention, but he is not alone.  Apparently Jim Cramer of Mad Money gets a little working over.  Then there is also Rick Santelli from CNBC.  Nothing against Santelli, but who even heard of him before this?  What person or group may be next?  Is that what we want from our officials?  If you speak out they come after you? 


Am I the only person out there who sees this like the 1700s?  A government out of touch with its citizens, passing laws that are not in the best interest of its citizens but only serve the governments own desires.  An increasing lean towards limiting the freedom to speak.  Laws are likely coming whether they call it a Fairness Doctrine or something else.  In the mean time, just single people out and try to ruin them.  Our Constitution has a few escape clauses in it for a government run amuck.  The first is coming up with a fresh round of elections in two years.  Hopefully we will make it that far.  The other option is what the Second Amendment is really there for.  The Right to Bear Arms is not about sport hunting ladies and gentleman.  It is about throwing off the shackles of tyranny.