Rush Pulls the "Leader" Card to Force Dems Hand

I was wondering when and if Rush Limbaugh would come up with a strategy to deal with the increasing push against him from the left.  Today he did, and what a great approach he came up with!  They call him the leader of the Republicans.  They call him brash.  They call him arrogant.  Today his strategy takes all those accusations and wraps them up in a neat package to put back on their door stop. 


Today private citizen Rush Limbaugh challenged President Obama to a debate. 


Of course the President would never do a broadcast debate with a private citizen.  It is not what Presidents do.  Really, Presidents do not debate much out of election cycles.  Their misstate is that this time they have elevated Rush to the level of the leader of the opposition.  They have challenged his opinions and views.  They have challenged him personally.  The only way to set such issues aside would be a public debate. 


Either way Rush wins.  Obviously the President is not likely to agree to any sort of debate.  To that end now Rush can begin to rally that they are scared.  If he does agree to a debate, Rush wins no matter the outcome for calling out the President.  Now Rush and others need to get this information pushed out into the media and force the Democrats hand.