Nobody Wants America to Fail - Just Bad Ideas About What to Do With America

I thought I would way in on the big topic of the week which is Rush Limbaugh’s comments about wanting the President to fail.  That is what Rush said, but at the same time it isn’t.  Technically what was said is more along the lines that he feels that what the President wants to do is a bad idea, and he wants him to fail at getting those bad ideas implemented.  Let me explain it another way.


Say you have a new neighbor named Barack who moves in next door.  Saturday you notice him in his driveway working on the old lawnmower that came with his house.  You go over to talk to him, and he tells you it has crapped out and he is trying to figure out how to get it started.  As you help him look it over, you tell him you think it is something simple like the air filter needing to be removed and cleaned out.  Barack is convinced the problem is more major and will involve some sort of large overhaul with the blade.  He thinks he needs help starting the mower and running it while he checks the blade.  You think this is a horrible idea, knowing he will likely cut off his hand.  While you are trying to talk this over the old married couple across the street, Nancy and Harry, come over.  They hop right in agreeing that he needs to check the blade.  They even offer to help run the mower and tip it over for him to get underneath.  You refuse to participate in this disaster waiting to happen.  As you walk back to your house, you look back and see them struggling to get the mower started and titled over so he can reach in and check the moving blade.  You hope they fail at their plan.  You hope they change their mind and do something better.  You really hope they fix the mower, but have a bad feeling there will be an ambulance next door soon.


That is what Rush, and other Conservatives, want.  They would love to see the President come up with good plans and fix the country.  I know with all those commemorative plates and coins out there, some people may think that wanting his plan to fail, or not pass, means you want the country to fail.  In the end, he is a President only not the country.  No amount of commemorative merchandise will change that.