An Idea For Saving Conservatism

Recent scuffles between “Republicans” and “Conservatives” has put me to thinking.  I have noticed a lot of non-elected Conservatives calling themselves Conservatives as opposed to Republicans.  Obviously the Republican party is the primary home these days for Conservatives, but many feel they have slipped and may still be sliding.  So if you want to save Conservatism but are not sure if the RNC is ready to take control and do it, what can be done?


This morning I had an “A-Ha” moment.  In my past, my career path took me through being a part of the Dot Com craze.  Back then there was something called an Internet Incubator.  Basically, it was a company that supported and groomed potential start-ups.  It was not just VC, they provided general office support and anything else needed to get a promising venture off the ground.  What we need is a Conservative Incubator. 


Imagine a group like a PAC or a Think Tank.  At the top you have some high profile conservatives.  These individuals would be from both politics and the media.  The group then starts picking and developing members throughout the country to start grooming for office.  Some of these people could essentially be hired full time to start preparing to run, especially in key areas.  The group would provide them contacts within Conservative circles.  Conferences would provide training on how to handle issues like media and fund raising.  These full times would raise money for the Group, while learning how to raise for their own campaigns as well.  With backing Members would be able to hold conferences and other meetings in their area to build support for the group and their future candidacy.  There are many people out there who would like to be more active and simply do not have the knowledge or finances to get started.  This would be able to help correct that. 


Rather than worry about changing members of the GOP who have slid away from Conservative Core values, an idea like this would help to build a new crop of Conservatives to fill the ranks.  Instead of trying to steer change on the inside, simply push it from outside.