Let's Raise Taxes

It looks like the 18-35 age bracket is hopelessly leftist, at least until reality hits them a little harder. Why is that? All of the institutions that shape young people are hopelessly liberal:   schools, universities, media, Hollywood, etc. How to respond? Let tax the hell out of them. The power to tax is the power to destroy. These institutions and companies are beyond useless, they are damaging our culture and brainwashing our duller citizens.  These companies and individuals are generally elitist rich white guys anyway, which helps a populist appeal to poorer voters and minorities that everybody thinks we are losing.

It’s not just punishing leftist institutions, it’s about reversing and counter-acting special advantages given my the government. Most of these leftist institutions grew because of policies that favored them or gave them special advantage.  The left has been able to funnel government funds to its favored groups and rely on the Right not to tax these cronies to recover what is essentially money stolen from the treasury.  Examples include all Union benefits and pensions, rich government pensions, money funneled to universities in grants that lets them build up enormous endowments, money funneled to bodies like ACORN or Planned Parenthood, etc.  These policies and grants can be reversed through taxation.

Taxation is not always bad for the economy.  Of course, taxation on productive work is bad.  But taxation to recover money stupidly wasted by the government, or reverse money obtained through special regulation favoring political cronies, is good.

Here’s my proposal:

  • Tax University endowments and nonprofit trust funds at 10% of all wealth above $100 million, most universities and larger non-profits have been hijacked by liberal trustee boards.  These make for easy targets to demagogue.  Harvard and Yale sit on billions of dollars; if they don’t want to use that money to educate the poor, then make them give it back to the government for more Pell grants!
  • Impose a VAT on advertising buys, including google, newspapers, tv, radio, etc., which will force these outlets out of business, or to adopt more balanced viewpoints (note that the third largest set of Obama donors was google employees).  Everybody hates advertising.
  • Impose a tax on all revenue from copyrighted media older then 30 years, which promotes freer intellectual property and prevents Big Hollywood from continuing to profit from old media, and not making new media that appeals to mainstream conservative America.
  • Eliminate all tax breaks for those earning more than $150k a year, which hits high cost of living areas hardest (blue states).  This is essentially a tax on the rich, but it results in a flatter tax code.  This benefits red states because they all have lower costs of living.  It will move jobs and businesses to these lower cost, Southern and Midwestern states.  Give tax cuts to balance it out that benefits families with kids (overwhelmingly Republican).
  • Impose a tax on all pensions of over $80k a year, which hits government and union workers hardest, especially in blue states.
  • Tax abortions, which damages our future population growth and forces other citizens to bear more cost of our  welfare state.
  • Tax all profits on corporations that received government loan guarantees or funds at double the rate until the government is paid back in full (think Solyndra, GM, etc.)