David Frum and the SoCons

Y’all can guess what I think of David Frum’s suggestion that the only way for the GOP to remain competitive is to “change” on “abortion” and be “less overtly religious . . . and less polarizing on social issues [translation: staying true to prolife principles].”

Let me make something clear to Frum and his D.C./NYC Rockefeller Republican wine-sipping elitist buddies: The GOP is doomed without social conservatives. We didn’t lose this election because the GOP is too socially conservative. We lost it because, inter alia, we selected a wishy-washy moderate Republican to be our standard bearer.

I can count the number of times John McCain spoke about abortion in this election on one hand. It is simply ridiculous for Frum or anyone else to suggest that voters rejected McCain or our party because of abortion or other social issues.

It could be, David, that voters rejected McCain and the GOP this election cycle because we’ve been spending like Democrats for the past eight years. It might also be that we have failed as a party to articulate a vision for the country in the same way that President-elect Obama has done. These seem to me to be the most likely reasons, but Frum is apparently convinced that the SoCon wing of the GOP is what prevents the party from future electoral success. And I know he is not alone in thinking this.

Well, to Frum and his ilk all I can say is “have at it.” I hope y’all enjoy being in the permanent minority. Because if you think for one moment that people like me will remain in the GOP if the party abandons its prolife principles, you’re sadly mistaken. I will gladly take my leave, and watch Rome burn from the sidelines.