Ramesh Ponnuru on Palin's debate performance

As many of y’all know, National Review Online is down right now. Well, my good friend Ramesh Ponnuru and I have been emailing one another throughout the debate, and I asked him if I could post his thoughts on Governor Palin’s performance. He graciously agreed, so here they are:

Any conservative who was white-knuckled going into this is relaxing by now. There were some points where she was a bit more platitudinous than one would ideally want, but overall–she’s cleaning up. Biden is sighing more as the night goes on, and I can see why.

I could not agree more. Well done, Governor Palin! You did us proud.

Update: Heh. Ramesh just sent me this gem: “Biden thinks Cheney is the most dangerous vice president we’ve ever had? What about Burr?”