Children Fleeing Gangs in Central America Likely to End Up in Gang Infested Neighborhoods in the U.S.

Encouraging children to travel over a thousand miles from Central America to the U.S. might serve the Obama administration’s political purposes in their effort to get immigration reform through Congress, but they are doing no favors to the kids who actually make it here.

Driven by promises of amnesty from local news programs, religious organizations, NGOs (I haven’t seen any proof, but I’m willing to bet that USAid is up to its eyeballs in creating this crisis), and the U.S. government, whose Central American consulate websites still don’t contain any warnings for children attempting to make the dangerous journey to America, tens of thousands of children have taken the bait and thrown their lot in with the liberal pied pipers.

But what is waiting for them in America isn’t the paradise on Earth they are expecting. It will be nothing like the television programs these children may have seen. They may imagine a future resembling Beverly Hills 90210, but what they are likely get is something closer to an episode of Cops.

What they will discover soon enough is inner city America, endless slums created and perpetuated by decades of false liberal dreams, is just as dangerous and just as bereft of hope as the nations they came from.

These children don’t speak English. Their education is non-existent. They are not the likely future of the American IT infrastructure – they are prime bait for recruitment by street gangs who rule over their territory as violently as any Central American drug lord.

Of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world, American cities are well represented. Ranked high on the list is East St. Louis, which is even more deadly for young people than worst MS-13 controlled barrio in Honduras. Throw in other liberal slum bastions like Chicago, New York, Buffalo, Baltimore and Los Angeles, and you got the makings of a hungry meat grinder just waiting for these young Central American victims.

These children are nothing more than political props for the limousine elite. Just like every election season when Democrat politicians make their rounds in the impoverished communities to drum up votes for a better future that never comes, these Central American children are nothing more than political window dressing for a liberal push to enlarge the Democrat voting base through amnesty.

Once immigration reform is passed, these children will be forgotten and left to fend for themselves on the mean inner city streets of America.