Obama Says That Everyone in the Obama Bubble Agreed with His Prisoner Swap Decision

In an interview with NBC News Obama reiterated the now popular talking point that everyone in government was “unanimous” in their support for the release of five mass murdering terrorists for one American deserter. Obama told NBC News, “I make no apologies for it. It was a unanimous decision among my principals in my government.”

Good for him. So now we’re supposed to be impressed that all of the Obama cheerleaders in the West Wing jumped on board with the dumbest prisoner exchange in American history?

Is there any real question as to why Obama didn’t give Congress prior notice of the prisoner swap? It had nothing to do with putting Bowe Bergdhal’s life in danger or fear of the exchange leaking to the press. He knew darn well that there would be tremendous bipartisan opposition to his plan of letting five of the most dangerous criminals on the planet go in exchange for a deserter at best (whether Bergdhal is a traitor as well remains to be seen).

It would also kill the talking point that the US government was “unanimous” with his decision. Instead Obama makes the prisoner swap and puts out the information that Congress had been consulted on the Bergdhal exchange for “some time”, a bogus claim that got debunked in record time. When that falsehood failed the administration moved on to the Bergdhal’s health was in danger so it had to be done quickly routine, because what difference, at this point, does another lie make?

When you are relying on feedback from Susan “Sunday Show Liar” Rice, Valerie “Chicago Slumlord” Jarrett and Samantha “Send US Troops to Israel” Power, you really shouldn’t be surprised when things work out so badly.

That’s why Congress is supposed to play the role of “advice and consent” to the executive branch. This way the President can get counsel from outside his bubble of yes-men and “those mom-jeans don’t look bad on you at all” sycophants, so hopefully he doesn’t make unbelievably stupid decisions.

But what else would you expect from a President who has a nasty habit of skipping his daily intelligence briefings and likes to play check-the-box when it comes to running the federal government?

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