Status of Alaska Senate ballot count 7:00 PM 11/14/10

McAdams, Scott,   DEM   57,774   23.43%

Miller, Joe,            REP    87,517   35.49%

Write In                          98,565   39.98%

Of the 98,565 write in ballots 88,076 have been counted:

Murkowski, Lisa             78,697    89.35% (Undisputed ballots)

Murkowski, Lisa               7,059      8.01% (Disputed but counted)

Murkowski, Lisa               1,740      1.98% (Disputed and not counted)

Remainder are for Joe Miller, other candidates and names, ect.

At this time there remain 10,489 write in ballots to count. There also remain approximately 9,000+ outstanding absentee and question ballots to count and  absentee ballots that were postmarked on or before 11/02/10 are accepted through 11/17/10.

The issue of pre-sorted ballots from Ketchikan and batches of ballots from certain precincts that are alleged to have the exact same handwritting remain unresolved.




Updated with link for voter “intent” issues, photos of contested ballots: