Tick Tock

Okay, everyone seated comfortably? Good. Now, let’s see a show of hands. Who has seen “Logan’s Run?” Really? I’m surprised. Well, rent it. It’s your homework.

Anyway, the premise is that you have a lifeclock in your palm and as you approach 30, it changes color to let you know when you’re going to die.

Ed? Spit out the gum.

Anyway, I’ve decided what we need is a Web page that will let these career politicians know that actions have consequences. Yes, just like elections. Good one, Robert.

Anyway, it will be a single page, with a “political life clock” for every politician who is currently clamoring to pass ObamaCare or is sucking up to Sotomayor, pledging his/her help in getting the first communist onto the Supreme Court.

What’s that, Michelle? Oh, good question. I think it should be the main page. These clocks would tick off the hours before they are up for re-election, naturally.

Tie-ins? Oh, I see what you mean, Pam. Yeah, that’s important. At the very least, there should be a link off of my “Tinglebell” page. Wait. What’s with the blank looks? You haven’t been there?


Well, it’s a similar page, with Chris Matthews’ leg hanging down. When things are going well for Obama, or he has his shirt off, Matthews’ leg tingles and swings up and down, back and forth. Anyway, when things aren’t going well, obviously it doesn’t move as much and there are links to the polls showing the American people don’t want what the Democrats and treasonous RINOs are forcing down their throats, or whatever the bad news is that day. The widget that goes with it does the same thing on a smaller scale.

YES! Like the terror alerts, John! You people are sharp today.

But then, you’re the best of the best, as I always say. So let’s get cracking!