Cheney is a creep. But, don't indict him.

Cheney lied us into unnecessary wars. Then, Cheney personally profited from those wars through his business interests.

He endorsed torture, twisted our constitution to suit his purposes, and generally fits Joe Biden’s description of him as “the worst vice president ever.”

Republicans should agree. Cheney betrayed all their conservative economic principles, did nothing to advance their domestic agenda, and discredited their foreign policy credentials. During their 8 years in power, Cheney, Bush and Rove reduced the Republican party to irrelevant minority status.But, do we really want to become one of those countries that hound their former elected leaders into prison or exile?


Guilty or not, look at history.

That way always seems to end in bloodshed and civil war.

When former leaders have nothing to lose, they start acting like they have nothing to lose. When officials fear what happens after they leave office, they start conspiring to hold their offices permanently. Don’t let Cheney (unintentionally, this time) pervert another American democratic (small ‘d’) principle.



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