Has the world changed?

After 12 years of nearly complete control of Florida politics, Republicans lost the state to Obama.

But, although Obama won Florida, the Democrats didn’t. While Obama was carrying Florida by over 3%, Democrats were picking up only one seat in both houses of the Legislature, which remain overwhelmingly Republican.

Now, Florida Republicans complain that their party retreated from core principles and mismanaged funds. The Florida Republican party is debating whether to move to the middle or more to the right in anticipation of 2010, when they will have to defend the governorship, a senate seat and all three state Cabinet posts.

On the other hand, the Democratic party now has a 657,000 voter registration advantage over the Republicans. But, there were minimal down ballot coat tails. No one knows if “new voters” will turn out when Obama’s not on the ballot.


Has the political world changed? Don’t listen to anyone who says they know.

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