Why I stay in the Democratic Party

Why does a conservative stay in the Democratic Party?

Because Republicans can’t decide whether Stevens should be kicked out.


Because Republicans steal (I’m sorry, misappropriate) campaign funds.


And, because they just don’t get it.

McCain lost because of (1) Republican corruption (2) Republican incompetence and (3) Obama’s fundraising mega machine.

So, what do Republicans do about corruption? They tolerate the Foleys and the Craigs and the Stevenses. Can anyone honestly say they never heard advance rumors about the proclivities of these ‘gentlemen’ vis a vis young boys and public sex and ‘gifts’? I heard the whispers about all three for years. They’re still not sure what to do about Stevens?

What do Republicans do about competence? After planning two simultaneous wars without considering the downside risk, and after limiting their post invasion war planning to deciding which “fine public square” in Baghdad they would rename for W, and after dithering while Katrina drowned New Orleans, they oversee the worst economic meltdown since the depression. And, then turn to socialist solutions.

And what do Republicans do with their campaign finances? Managing in spite of themselves to hold Obama to 3% in Florida, they waste valuable campaign funds on baseball tickets and private planes. Funds they might have used to take the state.

I stay a Democrat because Republicans are losers.

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