Pro-choice groups, women's groups and Palin

Palin chose to have five kids.

Palin chose to deliver a Downs baby.

Palin made her choices.

And, for making those choices, Palin was mocked, insulted, called a baby factory, and told that no woman with young kids should seek federal office. (Unlike Bobby Kennedy, who had 10 or 11 kids and a pregnant wife at home when he ran for president).

Criticize Palin’s positions on the issues and her qualifications all day long.

But, don’t critize Palin’s choices, if you’re really pro choice.

The failure of women’s groups to defend Palin from these sexist attacks is stunning.

BTW – Imagine if a “progressive” candidate had been attacked for having 5 abortions? or, for performing 5 abortions? How many “privacy” and “women’s bodily autonomy” and “not our place to judge” lectures would we have heard?

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