Just say 'No' to . . . Kerry as Secretary of State

Obama owes Kerry. After New Hampshire, the momentum could have switched. The story could have been, “flash in the Iowa pan, South Carolina means nothing, Hillary wins the bigs”. But, within days, the 2004 nominee endorsed the insurgent. And gave him his mailing list. His contact list. His donor list. His nationwide ‘machine’.

Obama owes Kerry big. If Hillary was going to stop Obama, that was when she was going to. Kerry stopped her for Obama.

But, don’t return the favor with the most high profile, influential, important, non elective, non judicial position in the federal government.

2004 was a foreign policy election. It was Kerry’s election to lose. And, he did. A majority of Americans rejected Kerry. With 20/20 hindsight, most would agree they were wrong. But, nonetheless, a majority of Americans rejected Kerry. And, since then, he’s been a gaffe machine (single handedly costing Democrats at least 2 or 3 house seats in 2006 with his “study hard or you’ll have to go into the military” “joke”.)

We keep hearing “elections have consequences”. That’s true. Elections you win have consequences. Elections you lose have consequences. Kerry lost a foreign policy election. Don’t make him the face of U.S. foreign policy.



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