As a former Iowan

  As a former Iowan, I take notice when Iowa makes national news.  Usually the stories coming out of Iowa relate to cold weather, caucuses, and more cold weather. However,  the news turned sensational a few months ago when the Iowa Supreme Court issued a controversial ruling allowing homosexual marriage legal in the land of fertile fields and plump pigs. The ruling itself is  disturbing to me because it is the result of judicial usurpation of the democratic will, but what saddens me even more is that I was not surprised.  It’s unfortunate as I am always eager to tell people I grew up on a family farm in Iowa. My childhood was idyllic and in many ways could be told through the paintings of Grant Wood. But  liberalism sweeped in and took root in the Hawkeye State. Couple that with the fact apathy is running rampant throughout the cornfields and the result is  Barry and Larry  requesting a marriage license in Anamosa, Iowa.  Now, many people are thinking, what’s the big deal? Live and let live. Well, so be it. Legalizing homosexual marriage, along with Iowa’s uninviting tax structure, and Iowa Democrats assaulting the state’s right to work status, makes my family’s decision on where to open a dental practice easy. Not in Iowa. 

As a state that is seriously experiencing a major “brain drain,”   Iowa  markets itself as a great place to raise a family; this family of five says Iowa may be a great place for Barry and Larry to start an organic farm or open a B & B, but not such a great place for a family who wants to do something a little unconventional, like instilling moral truths not moral relativism in their young children. But, Iowa has such great schools, you might say, for your young children.  Well, that great school curriculum will now mandate that five year olds learn the benefits of homosexual practices and encourage “experimenting in bisexuality.” Oh, how I miss the days of learning state capitals and long division in school.  The gay  agenda will be very hard to escape or  counter in Iowa now that homosexuals are considered a protected class.  And, if you thought the only noise you heard in Iowa after the homosexual marriage ruling, was from Farmer Jones’ hogs squealing, just wait until uttering the phrase, ‘I think  gay marriage is wrong’ is outlawed  I just have to ask, when will the traditional Iowans stand up and be heard?