I'm Voting For Jesus Christ On November 8th

I’m not gonna vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump because I would be contributing to the completion of America’s downfall as a reasonable nation where intelligent, reasonable clear thinking people reside. The America in which I live in 2016 is one that in all honesty is a straight up joke. I mean really a complete and utter joke of a so called country. From our culture to our political system…..Joke.

My pastor put it perfect in one comment he made in passing during service. He said regarding this general election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is the biggest circus he’s ever seen in his life when it comes to presidential elections. He called it a circus, and who would argue otherwise? He wasn’t being funny, he didn’t have a smile on his face when he said it, he was stone dead serious.

And he’s 100% correct, this 2016 election is a farce and one that ought not be taken seriously at least from the standpoint of these two candidates. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not only the two most corrupt, dishonest, and morally flawed candidates to ever run for president, they are the two most unqualified candidates we’ve had run for president against each 0ther in a general election.

Forget about Barack Obama in 2008 because he alone was unqualified but McCain at least was qualified comparatively speaking.

I have yet to found out concretely, what Hillary Clinton has done to make her so ready and qualified to be president other than her last name and who her husband was. She was a Senator who had how many high profile accomplishments and pieces of legislation? As Sec. of State she was incompetent, but she’s not even running on that. She is, and has been for the last 20 some odd years lauded the two term presidency her husband had.

So I want you to think about this for a minute: Vote for me because my husband was a good president.

I’ll let you mull that over for a bit….

In regards to Mr. Trump I mean, need I say more? No policies, no plan, no coherent explanation for anything he ever says or proposes. He’s going to build a wall, says it at every turn and a bunch of knuckle dragging redneck dittoheads lose their mind in rapturous approval.

“He gon dun git dem brown people out Merica, and the ni**ers too” 

I’m not the least bit surprised Trump holds large support among uneducated white voters, not one bit.

Why let Cletus who’s married to his cousin and his son is really his uncle destroy the country with his Trump vote? Well, because a vote for Clinton is equally dangerous.

If Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to be president you expect me to vote for someone who is perhaps twice as unqualified as she is? Someone who is just as dishonest and corrupt and racist as she is? She calls young black boys “super predators” and he wants to ban all Muslims and Mexicans, oh by the way he feels the best position for a woman is when she’s on her knees, back, or with her face down and her well, you know the rest.

An orange, sexist, racist, billionaire and I think Fascist on the right, an emotionless, cackle yelping, pant suit rocking, sociopathic android on the left with a rapist adulterer for a husband.

These are probably the best candidates we’ve had run for president in American history.

Who you gonna elect Satan or Satan?