Donald Trump: A Fitting Figure For America In 2016

Webster’s definition of the word “idiot” is as follows, “a stupid person”. Pretty cut and dry I say, underneath the definition are the words, “cretin, imbecile, ignoramus, halfwit, dolt, fool, simpleton; and may I add numbnuts and crayon eater in there for good measure.

I haven’t paid much attention to the campaign since the fourth GOP debate, which was Lord only knows how many months ago. I just don’t care enough, any longer to these sorts of things when I know in my heart of hearts that even as smart and logical as I know myself to be, there are people out there who in full capacity represent that very word in which Webster defined for you above. We are truly in an age of the idiot. The Luke Wilson cult comedy “Idiocracy” did no justice to the lame brains that occupy this once great nation of thinkers and doers.

We are still a nation of thinkers, as in we think we’re owed everything, and we’re a nation of doers, as in we do nothing and expect everything in return.

Donald Trump and his mentally challenged political existence is exactly the kind of farce 2016 America clamoured for. And to think, I thought we still thought things through as a nation of people who were smarter than Europeans assumed. I used to get offended by the idea of the “stupid American” until I started to realize that this country is chocked full of stupid freaking Americans. American is a crappy country because we have crappy people living here who vote for people equally as crappy but with more degrees and more money.

So I’m not surprised by this Donald Trump Mad Max like war rig sweeping through like if his hair were a giant land devouring cyclone. Just go on You Tube if you want to see the kind of people living in this country who support this clown shoe of a human being.

This bloated, egotistical, onion bun hair, lizard lipped, five wife having, say anything to get over, wannabe fascist, fake tough guy.

In 2008 I stood alongside the PUMA movement because I genuinely felt Hillary Clinton was being railroaded by the Democrat power machine in favor of Barack Obama. I have not supported nor said a kind word about Hillary since. (“sigh, desperation”) She’s the most qualified candidate for the job. It looks like I’m faking it until she makes it in office come January 2017, because Donald Trump as president is in no way a lesser evil outcome than Hillary Clinton as president.

Pray for your country

Or don’t vote

…..Or both, try both maybe that’ll help.

Yeah, pray for your country before not voting.

A socialist, a fascist, and a Nazi walk into a bar……..