Islam And Immigration: America's Inconvenient Adversaries

For all you unwilling to accept an inconvenient truth, stop reading my post and click out of this site because what I’m relaying to those who will listen is reality. And while we can debate America’s role in creating ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other bad actors in the Middle East, one thing for sure we know America had know role: The fact that all these groups subscribe to a religion their apologists swear is peaceful by and large. But are moderate Muslims moderate or simply Muslim in name only? “Do the math” as one Bernard Hopkins would say.

First I want to correct Bernie Sanders, climate change didn’t create terrorism, America’s role in the Middle East and Islam did. I repeat so that we’re clear, America’s adventurism in the Middle East, our deals, and Islam created terrorists who plague this world. There is no evidence to support the idiotic logic on the part of Mr. Sanders, who said by far the most ridiculous thing concerning terrorism that I’ve heard in my entire life. I’m 28 years old, so I haven’t been around for that long, but for me that was a first ballot hall of fame worthy stupid comment. Of course climate change didn’t create terrorism you doughnut. How this man could maintain any credibility as a presidential candidate speaks to the level of ignorance as it pertains to the fellow doughnuts who support him; a baker’s dozen of morons. But I digress.

Immigration will literally kill us, if Islam doesn’t first that is. Islam is not a religion of peace, and no way is it comparable when a radical Muslim kills and a radical Christian kills. Here’s why, Christianity is about as common a factor in terrorism as climate change is in terrorism: Definition: Not a factor play boy.

Christians kill, in the name of Christianity, the faithful in my faith faithfully denounce these clowns, get it? However CAIR and the like have a hard time deciding whether they should denounce radical Islam. We’re still waiting for the moderate Muslims to denounce the 9-11 attacks.

You know the definition of a moderate Muslim? A Muslim that doesn’t practice his or her faith.

At some point we’re going to have to become a nation of high standard d-bags. I know the world will hate us for not being the global dumping ground as well as its “top cop” but hey, France learned all that wimpy crap gotta go out the door when you get hit the way they did. No nation is going to be so stuck in their ways as appeasers and bed wetters that they wouldn’t bust back when someone tries to kill them.

It’s okay to catch the fade with a bully that ain’t trying to talk like grown ups. At which point you mash em and keep it moving.

ISIS don’t wanna chit chat they want global Islamic domination. I know that sounds like the most cliche, uber-Republican statement but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Our immigration policy needs to reflect hard luck. Translation: You’re in hard luck Syrian refugees because we can’t take any of you from this moment going forward. We can’t allow this nation to become a micro-version of a third world UN because of our twisted view of immigrants and immigration in general. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” is all well and good but if the huddled masses have ISIS ties then the huddled masses need to huddle their a**es back to Syria.

I know it sounds juvenile with the language and the message is simplistic, maybe even a bit harsh but should we really allow anybody to enter this country? I want you to think about this question: Should the United States have as its immigration policy “Come one come all”?

And how long will we apologize for Islam? “Oh you know of course not all Muslims for radical” Yeah, because most American Muslims aren’t practicing Islam nor are they fully connected to whatever “form” they practice in the Middle East and western Europe. By and large most American Muslims have been assimilated into American culture. What we do better than countries in Europe is we are levels above when it comes to how we can successfully, in effect indoctrinate foreign born citizens into our culture. That isn’t a bad thing when done naturally, like in high schools and college campuses that serve as organic platforms for diversity because rarely in America these days do you have schools where one race of students function. Most schools I’d say are racial diverse and amazingly right, young people get along and they just want to live their life and stay in their own lane. This the positive note of immigration in America.

I will say in closing, I support the idea of taking in Syrian refugees if we just allow teenagers, women, small children, and the elderly; but not grown men between 20-35.

Here’s a parting gift in the form of a question: Why is it called Islamic terrorism and not religious terrorism if Islam and terrorism aren’t necessarily linked, despite the majority of terrorists past, present, and likely future being of the Islamic faith? Liberals say Timothy McVeigh is an example of Christian terrorism, except McVeigh was an Atheist and Christian terrorism isn’t a large problem in the world. Have their been offshoots of Christians who blaspheme God the Father by committing murder in his name? Absolutely, but Christians aren’t committing large scale acts of terrorism in God’s name so that they can work toward building a one world Christian state. Both are wrong, but not worthy of comparison.