John Kasich's Response To Donald Trump's Fantasy Immigration Plan Was Correct, But Kasich By and Large Still Sucks As A Candidate

I watched the Fox Business debate last night, John Kasich was there, so was Jeb Bush, the candidates talked about immigration; Donald Trump is dead wrong on the issue. Jeb Bush won’t win the nomination and neither will Kasich. One has a last name that’s as toxic as a cyanide capsule, if that capsule were a bland, twitchy, geek, lacking a campaign message and the other in Kasich is a man who to me seems like he’s auditioning himself more to Democrats and Independents than Republicans. I don’t know what it is about him but he comes off as this sort of flimsy type of guy that I think would absolute surrender to Democrats in Washington if they pressed him hard enough. Kasich’s lack of spine is often excused and spun as “compassion and heart”. Gimme a break.

However, there was a nugget of reality that can’t and mustn’t go ignored. John Kasich’s response to Donald Trump’s ever growing buffoon approach to immigration was the highlight of the Ohio governor’s entire existence as a presidential candidate. He gave in to Obamacare in Ohio and called it being a good Christian to aid and abet the expansion of government in a way we haven’t seen since the creation of Medicare and Medicaid. He’s a weak guy who falls along the same lot of “compassionate conservatives” who run for president, sometimes lose, mostly win, but lose in the general. Why is it that no matter how much these guys pander and cry about compassion, their message doesn’t carry in a general election? Kasich would lose in a general against Hillary Clinton because honestly would voters elect a counterfeit pandering liberal or the genuine article? Every time Republicans fake liberalism they lose because they try to out liberal the Democrat and they simply cannot and have never won a general election that way.

Still, back to the topic at hand: John Kasich was absolutely dead on target with his response to the “Greatest Wall Of Trump”. This running sack of smoldering bull—t that somehow Republican voters eat up time and time again. Think about this for a second: Was Donald Trump more likely to support a hard line immigration policy before while he supported universal health care and [mc_name name=’Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’P000197′ ] or a day before he decided he was a conservative Republican who wants to run for president?

I’m going on history alone as it pertains to Donald Trump’s liberalism. The man even today says he’s a conservative with heart, the heart part is the liberal in him. Marry, Marry had a song called “The God in Me”, Donald Trump’s heart is the liberal in him, but I mean he’s a conservative as of last year, but was liberal or moderately so for most of his life. But he’s going to build a wall with his name on it in gold bold lettering, there’s going to be a door with a large black man, probably ex NFL player at that door with a clipboard and a list of names. The door will be sectioned off by red velvet rope of course like a nightclub in the 80’s. And only good illegals would be allowed back into the country, that is course assuming they won’t come back before the wall is built, wait will he deport 11 million people and then build the wall which would take a while or will he build the wall and then deport 11 million people? Seriously, the media doesn’t really touch on these things in question form.

11 million people are going to be deported all at once? Can we find all 11 million of them? Conservatives say that number is a running lie, well if there’s more than 11 million, say double that then dang homie how you gonna round up that many people? How you gonna round up that many people and not look like a total d-bag in the process?

Trump is correct, we are a nation of laws and we need to protect our sovereignty, absolutely correct and I applaud him on that one. Liberals do not believe in the fundamental idea that this nation is sovereign because they believe we stole this land from it’s original owners therefore it’s hypocritical to then create laws denying them entry. That is in a nutshell the nutty liberal view on immigration.

But one could argue that a consequence of our aloof and outright dismissive approach to border security and immigration law are the 11 or so million people who have been here illegally for years. Perhaps we might have to live with them being here and just realize that this is what happens when you want to play around and not take this matter seriously enough. Republicans support businesses who want to employ often times illiterate, non English speaking Mexicans fine, Democrats want to unionize them and register them to vote, gravy, but when this problem gets out of hand don’t do anything because that’s exactly what you were doing when you needed the labor and the votes…nothing.

Chris Matthews, hardly a right wing voice said something that rang so true one time, he said neither party wants any part of strong functional immigration reform because one side needs the workers and the other side needs the voters. And in that rare moment of coherence from Matthews a glimpse into our rigged system.

I’m with Gov. Kasich on this one, Trump’s not going to build a wall with a friggin door guys wake up. This man admitted that yeah he probably has illegals working for him, you actually think he’s going to clamp down on that cheap labor? He’s a business man and one with self interests before he’s a committed conservative; which he is not.

Now you can be against amnesty and still wake up to the fact that Trump’s immigration plan is both fiction and more fiction. He’s not going to deport every border hopping Mexican in this country because he doesn’t want to nor can he. So instead of dismissing John Kasich completely even though I mean he’s such a lame, I give him props on the immigration issue because he called Trump out on his crap man. I want to give Republican voters more credit toward their intellect but Trump supports might, just might be a completely new level of irreversible stupid.