Hey GOP: Stop Whining And Ignore Your Bully, They Want You To React, Idiot

I have a solution, and it’s simple in nature, never been tried, and completely effective in 2015: Ignore the media, ignore them. Repeat, do not talk to any national media outlets that come in the form of print newspaper or television broadcast. Tell me it’s not possible and I’ll tell you you’ll never see a Republican president for the next fifteen years.

It’s time Republicans once and for all accept this widely known fact: The media hates you, hates your policies, and hates the mere fact that you’re still a viable party in America despite all the so called demographic and political headwinds that according to them, should have wiped you out like the comet did the dinosaurs.

The media will never rock with you GOP, ever in this or the next one thousand life times. They despise your very existence and all things affiliated. So it’s always puzzled me why Republicans and conservatives sought to break bread with their killers. Look if a dude got it to peel my wig and he got beef I’m not going to appease him if I can’t outright bring peace and we truce, I’m going to cut all ties with that person and stop coming around, because one of us is going to die at the point in which I decide to keep being in his presence. The same goes with the media and the GOP, if Republicans keep willingly lining themselves up to be misquoted, mistreated, and attacked, then eventually the media’s objective is complete. That objective is to make Republicans unelectable in the eyes of the voters.

If I’m a candidate I take my message straight to the people and only deal with media during debates. That doesn’t mean you don’t spend money on ads or have effective resources, in fact creating your own media message through the internet and social sites works best in countering the media’s monopoly on these kinds of sources. Let’s be honest without television or news paper what platform does NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox have that is nearly as expansive or powerful? If these clowns can’t broadcast then what will they broadcast?

Barack Obama had the media in his pocket yes, but he was and is the first candidate to successfully utilize social media and the internet in a way that if he really wanted to he could have bypassed traditional media and still won the elections in 2008 and 2012.

The media knows they aren’t needed anymore, which makes them even more shameless, but they also know that Republicans don’t know that the media isn’t needed anymore in terms of traditional platforms. That gives the news media a card to play over the GOP because if the one you bully has no idea how strong they could be in terms of standing up to you, your bullying power remains.

Take heed Republicans, stop trying to make nice with a dying tormentor. Just get it over with and put them in a pine box.