Ben Carson's Faith Is Fair Game....Barack Obama's? Not So Much

Oh how things change when it comes to this here dishonest media we have in this country. Not too long ago, try seven, or well three in fact, ah well, it still applies today, the media shut down any and all would be inquiries about the faith of President Obama, now and when he was a candidate for president. From his time in a Madrasa as a child to his stint at the church of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, any signs of intrigue into what exactly Mr. Obama subscribes to in terms of religion would be quickly cast as a dog whistle from the right to say to their loyal followers: “He’s not one of us, he’s different.” Lo and Behold, the media is doing exactly that with Dr. Ben Carson by blowing a dog whistle of their own, “He’s not one of us, he’s different.”

I’ve got a dog whistle you can blow….

It’s starting to annoy me, the media implying certain things when it comes to the faith of Ben Carson. Suggesting voters should be afraid of this man because he believes in the bible as literal truth. Go figure, all real bible believing Christians should take the word of God as well….God’s living word. Hey, Mr. Obama’s a Christian right? So wouldn’t the same apply to him too? I mean because you can’t question his faith, whether he believes, or if he’s a Muslim or Christian, but Ben Carson well I mean because you know, right?

I hate the media with a passion because these faithless people, who told us President Obama’s faith was off limits are now saying Ben Carson’s faith is on and under the table as an issue. Didn’t the Barack Obama once talk about how his faith guides him was well? That was compelling, Ben Carson’s faith guiding him is a sign that he wants to establish a theocracy. I bet you didn’t know that Dr. Carson and President Obama are on the same page when it comes to gay marriage, they both oppose it because of their personal faith, but here’s the difference in their like minded view: President Obama supported gay marriage only when the gay community threatened to pull the plug on their financial support…Ben Carson still opposes it.

So now that we know his faith is on the table, Carson’s that is, I want to state for the record that we need to go back and address some unanswered questions about Barack Obama and what he believes. Is he a Christian, or a lukewarm believer? Is he a Muslim? Or is he an Atheist like Bill Maher and I believe he really is. I believe personally the man is a best very lukewarm as a believer but if it were to be relieved that he’s an Atheist I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. One could say his attending Trinity United and linking up with Jeremiah Wright was simply political maneuver and nothing more.

I could be wrong however, but if Ben Carson’s 7th Day Adventist faith can be put under the microscope then heck why not give the President’s faith a follow up exam.