The Logic Of Donald Trump Supporters: Somehow Being More Liberal Than Mitt Romney, and More Empty Than Barack Obama Makes You A More Credible Candidate Than Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Or Carly Fiorina

I’m not so much a supporter in general of Ben Carson that it makes me a Donald Trump hater, I nothing Trump to be honest. I neither loathe him nor have this sort of blind faith enthusiasm about him as a candidate. I thought early on he was being dismissed unfairly, however since then I’ve come to the conclusion that Trump is not ready to be president, if perhaps Ben Carson is not either. You can certainly make that point about Dr. Carson as it pertains to several of his statements, but Donald Trump has a longer and more public history of saying things that leave you wanting more from a front runner in terms of logical reasoning of the issues.

Donald Trump, in general is a man, a candidate mind you big on bluster and sales pitch but short on actual plausible policy and his lack of understanding when it comes to foreign affairs beyond saying everything is a dumb deal or America is being laughed at is also something his supporters ought to really pump the brakes and consider.

From what I’ve heard from Donald Trump in the past, because You Tube to a millennial is the closest I’ll ever come to an actual time machine, Trump to me comes off as a liberal Democrat foreign policy hawk who hovers somewhere between moderate and liberal but never really going overboard on either political spectrum. Now, if conservative Republicans want to believe that he’s more conservative than moderate conservative Mitt Romney then go ahead, but your desperation is either desperation that breeds denial, or you’re so captivated by Trump’s sale’s pitch you really don’t know who this man truly is.

If you wanted a moderate Republican Carly Fiorina was our girl. I like Carly because she’s attractive, smart, and she comes off as a strong minded woman who isn’t snarky or unlikable. In other words she’s the kind of woman who can be serious without being robotic or mean spirited. Also, Carly Fiorina had more of a serious grasp of the issue than Donald Trump in a million years, she’s a better debater, quicker on her feet, and is more mature yet somehow finds herself in the single digits yet again. (WTF?) I’m not lying if she weren’t married I’d try to wife Carly Fiorina.

It really makes you wonder what kind of electorate we have in this country in 2015. Again I’m not hating on Donald Trump but I mean Carly Fiorina is in no way possible a more viable alternative? Like if any Trump supporters on here can explain to me what they see in him I’d seriously like to know in the comment section.

I’ve stop believing that this election is the most important in my lifetime because I’ve heard that for elections in 2012, 2008, and 2004. My concern however would rise to nuclear levels should Bernie Sanders win the nomination on the Democrat side because I do believe he’d be a lot harder to beat than Hillary Clinton. I don’t think the most reasonable down the middle warm and fuzzy Republican could prevail against this sort of Utopia peddling Sanders movement that sounds too good for uninformed voters to pass up despite the fact that they would be voting for their own constitutional demise.

Hillary on the other hand I think would run right through Donald Trump because again he’s not a good debater and his lack of understanding on the issues would be exposed like the man walking around in a brown trench coat with nothing on underneath. Trump reminds me of a boxer by the name of Prince Naseem Hamed. Now, as great as Hamed was, and he was lineal featherweight champion and a Hall of Fame fighter, he couldn’t do much beyond his offensive ability and punch power. He couldn’t jab, he had no defense, and his wasn’t very good technically. If you could counter him and set him up and be smart about it, you could beat him as shown when he fought Marco Antonio Barrera in 2001. As was the case with Prince Naseem, Trump is best when he’s firing off, but if he’s made to fight your fight he’s not as good.

I think in a debate where he has to respond with policy he’ll get washed something crazy. He really is like a boxer with no defense, if you can break his rhythm he won’t know what else to do because he doesn’t have a plan B,C, or D.

Does Ben Carson? Who knows, I have yet to see Dr. Carson really have a moment in a debate where he’s asked more than one question or simply responding to a question asked of Donald Trump or any other candidate. Dr. Carson hasn’t had his Carly Fiorina like performance where he’s so clearly in tuned to what is going on and just sounds smarter than everyone else on stage.

In the end though I don’t Donald Trump can beat Hillary Clinton, which is a shame because he’s probably going to be the nominee. Republican voters got it twisted where somehow they believe this man is conservative despite going from one party to the other, supporting liberal issues in the past, and only being a conservative for I don’t know barely 5 years, when he was a liberal for more than 20?

Think about these things guys….