Hillary Clinton: Great Candidate Or Beneficiary Of A "Weak Division"

First off I didn’t watch the CNN debate last night because I was working, you know doing regular American type stuff. When I got off work I went to the McDonald’s down the street from my apartment and on the television screens in the dining room they had a repeat of the debate, or at least I think highlights of it. I still wasn’t interested, not because I’m already set on who I’m voting for and that person is a Republican, but because I knew what the result was going to be. Hillary Clinton according to many post debate headlines, won last night’s debate. MSNBC.com put it simply: “Hillary Crushed It”.

So after months of tone deafness, decreasing likability, email scandals, more tone deafness, a threat from Joe Biden that still exists even after her home run debate win, and just plain inept pandering and more lies, it seems by all media accounts the likely Democrat nominee and likely next president has regained her footing and in one debate performance shown everyone why she’s unstoppable…..or is she?

I’m a sports fan, more over I’m a fan of College football, the NBA, NHL, MLB, and boxing. In these sports, particularly team sports, divisions and the teams therein matter; a lot.

I’ve seen many examples from years past and present where, a team benefits greatly from a lack of real competition. You have weak scheduling and an undefeated record looks impressive to the untrained eye. This current field of Democrats running for president is the political equivalent to something like the NFC East, or the Eastern conference in the NBA, where pretty much being at .500 will get you in the playoffs and or the division crown by default. Years ago Seattle won the NFC West with I believe a 7-9 record after beating then rookie Sam Bradford and the Rams in essentially a one game playoff in Seattle.

This describes Hillary Clinton, she’s basically a team right at .500, that has shown weaknesses all season long, the fans know she’s beatable but the teams in her “division” so to speak are even more beatable and less talented than she is. She’s not inevitable because she’s so superior, she’s inevitable by default because there’s no one running against her that could pose a real threat. She reminds me also of those champions in boxing that are like beating soft opponents, and you know that if a serious champion from the weight class below ever decided to move up to her division she’s get worked.

Hillary Clinton is by far the most vulnerable front runner we’ve ever had in political history. 2007 showed us that a serious opponent could come and easily dispatch her like it was nothing. Barack Obama did that and if Joe Biden or [mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’W000817′ ] for instance decided to officially get in on the action, Hillary would have no chance in Hades against either of them. She’s there to be taken it’s almost laughable.

She better thank God she’s running against such drools because I’m telling you if this were Biden, Warren, Sanders, and Clinton, boy she wouldn’t make it out the first round, to use a playoff analogy.

Here’s another one: If Biden gets in I think Hillary’s getting swept.