Do Liberals Want To Stop Gun Violence Or Just Mass Shootings?

I’m confused by what I hear and by what I’ve heard from the left on the issue of guns and mass shootings. I don’t however hear get the same confusing message when it comes to gun violence overall. Even though their ultimate holy grail orgasm moment would be the complete and utter ban and thus phasing out of firearms usage, purchase, and so forth, they never seem to have such a lofty authoritarian objective when it comes to gun violence overall; perhaps I just didn’t hear them correctly.

But it is worth noting the number of gun related deaths in black America compared to mass shootings which, I would guess the former happens more so than the latter. I know white people have more guns and more means of obtaining guns, but truth is white people aren’t going around and killing each other with said guns as often as we find in areas inhabited by a majority black population. By all accounts blacks are killing blacks in Chicago, here in Saint Louis where I live, in Oakland, Los Angeles, New York, and so on.

But again, the left doesn’t seem to pay any mind to those issues and the outcry for us to “Do something, anything” isn’t as rapturous, if there is a peep at all.

They want eliminate the second amendment which is more symbolic in victory than full proof plan to stop mass shootings or any other form of gun related violence. Just as one would find symbolic victory in banning religious freedom and still having Christians pray in the bedroom with the door closed. For the left it’s not about stopping anything, it’s about getting rid of the right to do something, in this case bear arms.

Now I’m stating the obvious but I just find it kind of interesting how the more common occurrence of black on black gun related violence is completely ignored in this gun control debate, yet large scale shootings are always the focal point of discussion.

Even when a large number of black people are killed at one time, which was the case in the Charleston church shooting, the left shifted that debate to another symbol of their ire: the Confederate flag. Well, the Confederate flag and gun control. I bet the same night ten black people got shot in Chicago.

In fact here’s a little dose of truth: If all mass shootings in America ceased and never occurred, and black folks continued to kill each other in the inner cities, we wouldn’t have another gun control discussion ever again. Don’t believe me? Give it another week.