Donald Trump: Wife Raper, From The 1980s

Yeah if you didn’t want to or just unwittingly didn’t believe Donald Trump was officially the front runner for the Republican nomination for president, a Daily Beast assassination attempt disguised as a “news story” lets us know plain and clear that in fact Mr. Trump is the clear cut #1 in the field. Donald Trump won’t take this lying down I would imagine, but who would?

Would you stand idle while someone tries to destroy your character using incidents in your past life? I guess it’s too much to assume that every human being on this Earth has situations past and present they’d like to not be held accountable for by other imperfect human beings. But alas liberals, in their usual self righteous hypocrite way are once again trying to use old personal circumstances as ways to systematically wipe out a Republican running for national office.

But it’s a different story when Republicans in Congress want to talk about Benghazi or emails, because I mean those stories are only a year or so old. Donald Trump had rough sex with his wife back in the 80s and well, she said it made her uncomfortable, so RAPE! Donald Trump is a rapist!

And so then the media want to try and suggest to an unknowing viewer that Trump is a rapist because well, you know his Lawyer doesn’t consider spousal rape to be real rape and Donald Trump must feel that way because his Lawyer said it. So by that standard I guess President Obama believes God should damn America then right? I mean his spiritual adviser Jeremiah Wright said it, so President Obama must feel that way too. See how this can be played both ways?

When its a liberal politician whom the media bow down to they try and move the goal post, but with a Republican I mean their great great uncle on their mother’s side who said the word Nigger while wearing a white hood and white robe back in 1931 someone makes it likely that said Republican is a racist. Logic at its very best folks.

This is the type of guilt by association that Police and many white folks do when it comes to young black men in America. They see us out here and they readily assume, make a final judgment and act on it. The culture is this way so all black men must be that way too, or because we know someone who’s in the streets we must be in the streets too right? Making a concerted effort to create a negative perception about someone you don’t like on a personal level. Why is the media doing that when their job is to simply report the news in its most basic form: Relevant and factual.

I don’t like guilt by association as a young black male. I think it all too often paints a negative picture instead of moving toward understanding of an individual or group. The media wants Trump to be a rapist because his Lawyer said something stupid. He’s a rapist by that standard like I’m a cannibal serial killer because I saw Silence of the Lambs once.

But Bill Clinton got a bad wrap from those women he clearly harassed during his run in 1992. He wasn’t at all the kind of sexually ravenous dog they said he was right? I mean he didn’t get his little Bill polished by an intern, that didn’t happen at all. All those women back in the day no not Bill Clinton. You got the wrong Bill, you must be talking about Bill Cosby, not upstanding respecter or women Bill Clinton who’s the most shining example of how to treat the opposite sex there’s ever been in the history of mankind. But that should have no bearing on Hillary, I mean it only made her career but no bearing whatsoever.

Like think about it, Hillary Clinton is where she is because her husband who happened to be the most powerful womanizer in the world at the time got some head in the Oval Office at like 11:30 at night. It’s funny but its sad because she’s like so Hell bent on becoming president that you think they planned all of this if you were an Alex Jones type y’know what I’m saying? Like she literally rode the wave of her husband’s adultery and impeachment until she obtained political office.

But Donald Trump is worse than Hillary and Bill Clinton. I’m not saying he’s an angel, no man is, but the idea that he is far worse than the android in a pants suit running on the Democrat side with her snake tongue can’t keep his hands on the young babysitter peeping Tom, always aroused, sexual harasser in Chief adulterer husband is mind boggling to even the most rational of minds.

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