"Caitlyn" Jenner And The Land Of Confusion

I think Caitlyn Jenner is perhaps the most flawless representation of America in 2015. He/She, or he represents what this country has become: That is a nation that ultimately doesn’t really know what it is, who it is, or what it wants to be known as. America in 2015 is like an indecisive child who can’t seem to nail down the choices between vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate ice cream. After a long winded choice, the child now has trouble deciding whether or not they want a cone or a cup.

At last we have Bruce Jenner, now moonlighting as “Caitlyn”; the shining, almost satirical symbol of quotations. When Bruce/”Caitlyn” became a “woman” he/”she” said the kids can still call him/”her” dad. Dad “Mom”, Mr. “Mom”, a remake perhaps starring Jenner as a real life kinda sort literal Mr. Mom.

Jenner is a small symptom of a larger and more tragic epidemic in America, which is this agenda built on well, not really anything concrete but one of gray area confusion. You see the left has successfully created this argument that confusion is ultimately noble, because if you’re confused then you’re a victim, and if you’re a victim then you must be championed, that is your confusion must be championed.

Gays are confused by their sexual perversion, transgender individuals are confused by their thinking that they were somehow born with the wrong….parts. I guess God is like a man that he should lie and his creation at a foundation level is imperfect, fallen world be darned.

So confused-Americans should be treated special even though the base argument for confused-Americans is that they should be treated equally right? So in his/”her” effort to be treated equally Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner, or “B-Cat” went on this media tour, ending with an ESPY award for courage. So much for blending in and just being equal right?

You ever notice how people like Jenner and Michael Sam claim they just want to be treated equally and want to just live their lives, and that what they are doing isn’t for publicity yet both have operated within the realm of the public eye on a pretty large scale. Jenner had countless interviews and won an ESPY, Michael Sam did countless interviews and did a reality show. What happened to just living your life? Oh, you meant in front of the cameras where everyone can see you. Sounds like propaganda to me…

America is no longer a nation of reason, morality, and freedom, but one of victim hood, immorality, relativism, and confusion. Most Americans don’t know what to believe so they simply choose no belief at all. They’ve been taught truth is in the eye of the beholder, that your life is dictated on the decisions you make within a moment, and that each moment passes and has no consequence or adverse effect on the next moment; sort of like a one night stand.

In confused-America I don’t know what I feel so I just either feel something or nothing at all, or both. But in a righteous country with real moral foundation and a citizenry that reflects as such, black and white are more than ethnic descriptions. Lines should be drawn as to know which ones cannot be crossed. Is it the best of this country’s creed when a man becomes a “woman” or is it the sign of this country losing its grip on reality. Bruce Jenner becoming a woman is a sign of bent reality; make it what you want because reality is relative right?

A man can be a woman, a boy can wear a dress, a girl can use the men’s bathroom because reality is what we make it, not what God and our moral compass say it is. God set the boundary for reality when he created the Earth and everything in it, but if we’re also confused about God, then of course we take his reality and form our own.

Bruce Jenner is a man in God’s real world, but in this current bent reality he’s a “woman”. But no heterosexual male of course, would be in a relationship with Jenner. You know the kind a straight male could see himself in with an actual woman, with love making and genuine attraction toward the opposite sex…..because men were created with a natural attraction toward the opposite sex…..huh go figure.

I mean wouldn’t Jenner now seek to date men because Bruce is “Caitlyn” now right. Of course he would have said “No, my kids will call me mom because I’m not their dad anymore, because I’m a “woman” now”. But he said his kids can still call him dad, I assume he’s still a straight….wait so is he gay, lesbian, bi, or straight? See my point?

People are confused so we just create another group. So we have Hispanic-Americans, White-Americans, African-Americans, and Confused-Americans. They don’t want to be treated any different, even though they want special treatment and seem to find themselves with reality shows, interviews, and ESPY Awards. But don’t treat them any different than the rest of us because they want to be just like the rest of us, even though not really.


Your Last Cup Of Sorrow,