What Is The GOP Brand Anyhow?

There’s been a collective theme surrounding Donald Trump’s existence as a presidential candidate in the Republican field: “Trump’s talk of immigration is hurting the brand long term, Republicans are nervous”. The media keeps talking about this “brand” that is in serious danger of being hurt by Trump’s illegal immigration talk. But for all this about a “brand” I wonder: What is the Republican brand anyhow? And if something doesn’t actually exist, can you help or hurt it?

If I fart in an elevator and I’m the only one who smelled and heard it, can the person getting on after me prove that I let it rip even though he or she wasn’t there when I allegedly dropped the smoke bomb?

“The brand, the brand” they say, but how can Trump hurt something we don’t really know what that brand is. I mean what are the platforms in the Republican brand? Capitalism, free markets, border security, pro-life, pro-family, strong national security, and freedom. By and large Trump supports most of those platforms right?

The Republican brand is what? Like a candy bar or soft drink? A pair of mom jeans and a long sleeve collar shirt worn only at fairs in Iowa and at town hall meetings?

What is the Republican brand?

“He’s hurting the brand, he’s hurting the brand, oh my gosh he’s hurting the brand. Quick turn him off!”

The GOP hasn’t had a coherent message or a strong brand since the 1980’s. If anything George W. Bush destroyed the brand with his war fetish and his compassionate conservatism. Jeb Bush I would argue muddies the brand more so than Trump. Jeb Bush makes the brand look like  a gray formless piece of fake meat served in school cafeterias. Lunch lady land.

What is your brand?

Like the Notebook: “What do you want?” “What do you want?” “What, do you, want?”

Should they have a brand or platforms, an agenda? That’s the real question.

Democrats to their credit have platforms and an agenda they push; Republicans don’t.

So this talk of a brand is like when old white executives gather in the boardroom and talk about how they’re going to compete with the latest hot product and they come up with spray painting their old product to make it look exactly like the competition’s latest product. Which is to say the GOP has now decided they’d rather be Democrat light than Republicans. “We’re the party of Lincoln, and Trump gives our party a bad name” Well, I think Abe would have at least had the balls to stand for what he believed, not crawl around the media circuit looking to kiss butt and curry favor by talking out your butt when it comes to taking a stand. Republicans today don’t take a stand, they simple provide disclaimers about what they believe as to not offend the group they so desperately want to pander to. Kung Fu Panderers III

“We want to be inclusive to Latinos” Wanna be inclusive to Latinos? Instead of dismissing our crap border like it don’t matter why not explain to legal immigrants within the Hispanic community why they to will be negatively effected by illegal immigration. Don’t be so quick to assume all Hispanic voters support the idea of many Hispanics coming over unlawfully.

If you tell people want they need to hear and not what they want to hear, eventually they will start to appreciate your honest approach and recognize at the very least, you’re not trying to insult their intelligence by pandering to them. The GOP can’t win Hispanics because they can’t out pander the Democrats; not because Trump said Mexico sends us rapists and killers.

Democrats will offer Hispanics open borders, free government everything, and a castle made of Ice Cream. Republicans need to offer Hispanics a place where their growing Evangelical views are welcome. Most Hispanics are pro-life, Catholic, and increasingly Evangelical, why not use that as a starting point? But that’s none of my business….

Why you trying to open the border wider than Democrats….but that’s none of my business….

Why you giving stump speeches in Spanish but can barely speak English when people ask you about Iraq…but that’s none of my business….

Why you trying to act like you would let Jose and his sixteen cousins sleep at your house when you barely let your mother in law stay over during holidays….but that’s none of my business…..

Why you talking about Hispanic outreach when you don’t even reach out to the ones who cut your grass every other weekend….but that’s none of my business…..