The Socialist Is Mainstream But The Idea Of Some Mexican Illegal Immigrants Being Rapists, Murderers, and Killers Isn't?

If you support Bernie Sanders that’s cool, I don’t have a problem with you supporting a socialist. The media is in love with him, the crowds that gather to hear him speak, and his Barack Obama meets Ron Paul like campaign. But keep in mind Bernie Sanders is a socialist. No, not a socialite, or a social studies teacher, a socialist. Bernie Sanders shares the same political and economic beliefs as Karl Marx, Mao, and Vladimir Lenin. Now, I know low information voters make up the majority of his crowd support, but even they have to know, or learn I guess that Karl Marx, Mao, and Lenin were not exactly the best examples of political leadership throughout history.

And yet the media, having purposely ignored the socialist ideology of Bernie Sanders makes out like the Vermont Senator is some sort of mainstream second act of Barack Obama and Ron Paul. He’s not, again Bernie Sanders shares the same political ideology as Karl Marx, Mao, and Vladimir Lenin. I’ll say this about President Obama because I believe this about him: I don’t readily move to this view that he’s as progressive as Bernie Sanders. I remember at one point in 2008 Mr. Obama saying he opposes same sex marriage. In other words I think yes he’s a liberal, but I’m not so sure the president is as liberal as Bernie Sanders or some of the activists in his party. I think as president he’s moved according to the polls, the money, and where he’s most safe in terms of support. That sounds more like a pragmatic politician than a bleeding heart.

Donald Trump on the other hand is out of the mainstream because he said a lot of the illegal immigrants particularly from Mexico are killers, rapists, and murderers. That is out of the mainstream but socialism isn’t; got ya.

Donald Trump has to be condemned and ran out of the public forum because of what he said but Bernie Sanders is celebrated by the media not for his radical world view, but because thousands of wide eyed 20 something year old left wing campus zombies show up to his rallies in Madison Wisconsin. Only in “hyphenated” America is this stuff true, and only in “hyphenated” America can a man like Bernie Sanders, with the help of the media have a longer term chance at the White House or at least the Democratic nomination than someone like Donald Trump on the GOP side whom the media hate because he represents everything they in fact hate: White, male, rich, unfiltered, and unapologetic about being white, male, rich, and unfiltered.

Trump is like the embodiment of every so called antiquated cultural norm the left thought it swept under the rug of history once and for all. Through political correctness, demagoguery, and political strong arm tactic, they assumed the way of the old rich white male oppressor had finally come to an end. But Trump is like the ghost of cultural norms past in a way because he haunts the PC house like a poltergeist with a comb over.

He’ll dress down reporters in over their head when they realize they can’t move him with gotcha questions. He made Katy Tur look and sound like a stumbling idiot as he did what many of the GOP candidates won’t do, answer questions as they are ask and the ones that were bogus he dismissed them with sarcasm and ridicule. But he did so in a way that didn’t make him seem like a bully but instead someone who was genuinely annoyed by genuinely stupid questions that were so clearly designed to make him look bad. Boy I wish Sarah Palin from 2008 could have gone to the future, saw this interview, and go back to 2008 prepared for Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric.

At the end of the day I do think Trump will either bow out after he’s gotten his point across or he’ll simply fade like many others believe. I think Bernie Sanders has more staying power and is a more serious candidate only because he reflects, tragically where the nation is right now. I guess the nation is so lost and so desperate at this point a socialist’ll do. Then again I seriously doubt most of the people who are so high on Bernie know he’s a socialist or what socialism really is when you get past the naive superficial concepts that shield its more regressive and oppressive agenda. Perhaps they should spend the weekend with him….

But this is “hyphenated” America, where a gay-black-trans-biracial-Asian-Muslim-Atheist-Hindu-Hispanic can coexist with a bisexual-white-Catholic-Lesbian-Trans-Trans-Trans-Homosexual-Pink-Black-Trans-Trans.

And if you’re a straight white Christian male, or a Christian in general and you disagree…..you’re a racist-bigot-homophobe-sexist. And even that makes you a “hyphenated” American too.


Color Money!,