Why Is There A Civil War In The GOP Over Marriage?

Maybe it’s just me but, I don’t understand the whole civil war over marriage thing going on in the Republican Party. I mean if you support same sex marriage fine, if you oppose it great. Why does the entire party have to shift their view on the matter namely those who still oppose the idea of two people of the same sex getting married. I oppose gays getting married because I’m a follower of Christ and I follow what the bible says. I have no issue holding true to that belief, no one on this planet is morally or intellectually qualified to sway my belief, eat a dookie stick because I’m never going to believe otherwise.

Why do I need to change my view? Who gives a monkey if the nation disagrees with my views by a large margin. A lot of people in this country spank it to porn and drink alcohol; I don’t watch porn and I’ve never let a drop of liquor touch my lips.

A lot of people stone out everyday in their mom’s basements, dorm rooms, and behind their place of employment, pot is the next thing to become legalized nationwide; I still haven’t lit up ever in my life nor do I support the use of marijuana.

See how easy that is folks? The bible tells me the dangers of conforming to the world, I consider the source of wisdom, I look at the world, I see a piece of crap world, I act accordingly.

The GOP need to consider this perhaps: Perhaps the best weapon is diversity of thought, not so much the conformity within diversity…right?

Let me explain: Diversity of thought on issues I believe are more essential to a party’s survival than the willingness to conform to the universal idea of diversity for the sake of diversity. Every group accounted for as to not make any group feel left out.

Where’s the fun in conformity? Why can’t an Evangelical conservative who might be against gay marriage but has a really solid economic vision for the country be dismissed or deemed “a losing candidate” because of his or her views on marriage?

Like the media and operatives within the GOP literally believe every Republican should believe in same sex marriage in order for the party to survive.

Isn’t that the problem people have with the political class already? Their instinctive phoniness and lack of a soul? Their robotic nature, and inability to express more than one emotion at any given time without the fear of short circuit?

It’s alright, we can have different views on all kinds of things fam.

I don’t support same sex marriage or legalizing pot, but I agree with many progressives when it comes to the death penalty, war, poverty, banks, campaign financing, and policing law enforcement.

Go figure, I think for myself.