Let Me Help You Out Claire McCaskill: Bernie Sanders Is A Freaking Socialist!!!!!!

[mc_name name=’Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M001170′ ] is that supporter you kind of wish would talk less, the more you hear her try to express her support for you. She’s dumb, I’m sure she’s a nice woman, I believe she is as moderate as she’s portrayed, and tragically, she’s my Senator; one of them anyway.

She was on Morning Joe talking about Sanders and his extreme views and she said he was ultimately too liberal to win the White House. She said the media, and I agree with her on this assessment, is giving him a pass by failing to, purposely I might add, mention his socialist ideology which he does subscribe to. Bernie Sanders is a socialist, everyone knows that yet the media won’t dig deep into why he is a socialist and what socialism actually expresses as a form of economical and political philosophy.

When pressed by Mark Halperin she fumbled and flubbed even the most obvious set up hit it out the park kind of answers. He asked her to name three, only three extreme positions held by Bernie Sanders. He named one which was his support for universal health care via government single payer program. The same single payer system that has been a foundation of the Hillary Clinton health care agenda going back to the 1990s. Did [mc_name name=’Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M001170′ ] not realize the woman she supports for president championed the same kind of health care model Bernie Sanders, and every liberal Democrat in the country supports?

All she had to say was,  “Mark, he’s a socialist; I don’t need to name three extreme examples when he subscribes to one extreme philosophy.” That would have saved her the looking stupid part, but I digress.

She said Bernie Sanders is the Ron Paul/Pat Buchanan of the Democrat party, and that his large crowds signify nothing more than angry voters willing to listen to an attractive message in the moment, nothing beyond that moment long term. Hmm, you mean like how disenchanted voters were swept up by an attractive message of hope and change within a moment that expanded from said moment to an entire movement that saw then candidate Obama win the White House in 2008? Like G. Eazy said, these things happen.

And these things will happen more often these days because Americans are dumber, angrier, more disenfranchised and more disillusioned with political reality than ever before. Bernie Sanders could absolutely get elected president in 2015 America.

She says he’s too liberal to win. The country is more liberal now than it was during the time when he would in fact be too liberal to win. But if Bruce Jenner can become a woman and still have his kids call him dad and the rest of us call him Caitlyn, and a white woman from Wyoming could become a black female president of a chapter of the NAACP, then a socialist can get elected president of the United States of Delusion.

Happy voting,