Obama, Blago and Rezko

Wow! Four Great Blue Herons just flew over my house. Absolutely beautiful and awe inspiring. It’s nice to take a short break from the anxiety of the economy and the election and appreciate nature and beauty. deep breath Back to politics…

John Kass has another great article in the Tribune today:

Telltale letter a staple in Blagojevich arsenal

“As Barack Obama and John McCain prepared for their debate on Tuesday, Illinois Gov. Rod “The Unreformer” Blagojevich broke out with a severe case of creeping feditis.

He mentioned Sen. Obama and convicted political influence peddler Tony Rezko at least four times. Maybe five. Or was it six?

I stopped counting, but I’m sure Obama didn’t like hearing the name of his own real estate fairy on the lips of a governor with a profound federal infection

Obama and Blagojevich are Chicago politicians, well versed in the Chicago Way and the Democratic political machine. Each has been nurtured, fed and counseled by Rezko…”

There’s a lot more. Here.