Honor Killings

This is my first diary entry so please be gentle, my thoughts are a bit scattered today.

“Feminism directly confronts the idea that one person or set of people [has] the right to impose definitions of reality on others,” ~ Liz Stanley and Sue Wise.

I was reading about “honor” killings this morning, more rightly called femicide, or the killing of a female, as these murders are overwhelmingly committed against young women. It is a disgusting “tradition” practiced by some Muslim men to control willful daughters and wives. The MSNBC article doesn’t mention that extremist Muslims are committing these atrocities, only that they are still taking place in Pakistan. It is also happening, though not as common in the UK, the USA and Canada now, but I digress. My mind races to connect tangents and I think about what has been written and reported on lately in the blogosphere and the MSM with regard to Governor Sarah Palin.

Gloria Steinem says Governor Palin is the “Wrong Woman, Wrong Message” and attempts to vilify her for her beliefs and her accomplishments, which do not exactly align with old school feminism. Governor Palin does not play the victim, hate men, deny her biology or let others define her. She is labeled a scary extremist because she is religious. She is also from somewhere. She is connected to her community, to her state and to her country in a very down to earth, relatable way.

This sentiment of the “Wrong Woman, Wrong Message” is echoed in blog after blog, post after post, and editorial after editorial (including editorials disguised as news reports). The purpose of these negative attacks is, no doubt, to destroy Governor Palin, to destroy her “kind” of woman, to paint her as the enemy of their narrowly defined Women’s Rights, to serve as a warning to other “Wrong Women” what will happen to them if they speak up and step out of line with the feminist hardliners’ beliefs. Beliefs held by many liberal men and women alike. They are grasping at straws and rabidly running in circles trying to stop Governor Palin from self-defining female politicians, working mothers and strong women. She is a dangerous challenge to their world view as much as a disobedient daughter or wife is a dangerous challenge to a number of extremist Muslim men’s view of how a woman should behave.

There appears to be a symbolic and very public attempt at a rhetorical “honor” killing of this “Wrong Woman”, Governor Sarah Palin.

When one dehumanizes their enemy, it becomes much easier to commit atrocities against them. I often wonder what is going on in the minds of the mothers and sisters of the women who are actually killed by Muslim extremists. Do they believe that the killings are the right thing to do? That the targets of the honor killings deserve it? Or, do they mostly fear retaliation and a similar fate if they speak against the prevailing mob action. They may feel that they have to hide their true feelings to protect themselves.

I wonder how many “feminists” are secretly hoping for Governor Palin to succeed. I’m guessing there are more women who identify with Governor Palin than the MSM and feminist mouthpieces would like to think. Unlike the Muslim women who are forced or agree for their own preservation to publicly condone these heinous acts against their sisters and mothers, we have the right to voice our dissention of this lesser but equally vile type of behavior toward Governor Palin in the privacy of a voting booth.

It took a while for all of this to sink in. I am still trying to distill my thoughts about the situation and my newly ignited passion for this election. Even if I don’t speak up as much as I should in public in defense of Governor Palin, I am somewhat passive-aggressively looking forward to voting for the McCain/Palin ticket this fall.

“If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” ~ Margaret Thatcher.

An afterthought: Lest you are thinking I am crying out for victim status for Governor Palin, quite the contrary. Though Governor Sarah Palin wears many hats, the one she most definitely doesn’t wear is victim.