Will Governor Bill Weld Be Back in 2020?

Former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld may be planning a 2020 presidential run on the Libertarian Party’s ticket, the Boston Globe speculates.

In body, Weld has apparently been active at the local and state levels within the Libertarian Party, and engaged in some fundraising.

As for mind and soul, Weld claims to have deepened his ideological commitment to the party’s platform since 2016.

Is Weld’s behavior the zeal of a convert, or merely another example of Old Republican Money, resentful of President Trump’s “proletarian” personality, searching for a spoiler in 2020?

Growing up in Massachusetts during the 1990s, I remember when Bill Weld was Governor. He’d saved the state from the ravages left in the wake of Michael Dukakis. Weld was known as a tax cutter and someone who fought for deregulation and less spending.

He was regarded positively during his time in office, but Weld has clearly never been a full-spectrum conservative. Being of wealth and from New England, Weld is predisposed toward a pro-choice stance on abortion and favors gay rights, for example. These regrettable social positions forever doom Weld to remain a regional figure as a Republican, or yet another of the sundry zoo specimens often found within the LP.

Weld was indeed a rock star in the 90s. These days, he’s kind of a “has-been.” It is true that a presidential run may be tempting for someone like Weld, since most of the LP’s presidential candidates tended to have zero name recognition prior to Gary Johnson. 2020 could be Weld’s last chance to become relevant again.

Hopefully, Weld’s increased activism is genuinely aimed at strengthening his party’s grassroots, rather than his personal brand. If Weld truly believes in the LP cause, his talents might best be spent as a diligent party elder, playing the long game, rather than fizzling out as a flashy candidate during the 2020 election cycle.